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Speech Language & Swallow Therapy

Rehabilitation Institute of the Caribbean offers rehabilitation for patients with speech, language, or swallowing problems after Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or after brain surgery as well as speech and language therapy for children with language developmental conditions.

Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: Our Speech Therapists do comprehensive assessment of patient’s speech, language or communication abilities after a stroke or brain injury. Based on our findings, patients are then treated with the goal for them to become independent communicators using speech, gesture and/or communication aids if needed. Patients who have problems eating, drinking, chewing and swallowing are also evaluated and a treatment plan is created which focuses on the individual’s needs.

Children with Language Developmental Problems: Our Speech Therapists are very experienced in working with children who have language developmental conditions. Each child is evaluated and parents/caregivers are incorporated into the treatment plan to facilitate improvement in communication ability.

The Rehabilitation Institute of the Caribbean is a multi-disciplinary center where patients are treated using a team approach. The Speech and Language Therapist works in collaboration with the Physiatrists (Rehabilitation Medical Doctor), neuropsychologistand other rehabilitation professionals where applicable, to create individualized therapy plans specific to the unique needs, abilities, and objectives of patients.



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