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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Physiatry)

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, also known as Physiatry, is the area of medicine that treats patients with Musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. Our rehabilitation doctors have many years of experience in treating patients with injuries or illnesses that affect muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones and nerves. The goal of Physiatry is to improve function, performance and quality of life through aggressive, non-surgical treatment. Patients undergo specialist treatment which includes: joint or muscle injections; neurolytic injection for spasticity (disabling muscle stiffness) in patients with neurological diseases including brain injury, spinal cord injury and cerebral palsy; Fluoroscopic (X-ray guided) treatment for back and neck pain; Sports Medicine and many more.

Rehabilitation Institute of the Caribbean is the pioneer in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine in Jamaica and is the first multi-disciplinary Rehabilitation Centre to be established in Jamaica. We have the distinction of being the only centre to have rehabilitation doctors who are well-trained, skilled professionals that have US Board Certification in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.


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