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Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology

The Rehabilitation Institute of the Caribbean offers treatment in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology for patients who have had injury to the brain as a result of a stroke, trauma, neurological disease or medical illness including epilepsy and chronic pain conditions. We also offer Sports Psychology for competing athletes.

Patients are given a neuropsychological assessment to establish their current conditions and abilities. Once assessment is done, patients are started on a comprehensive program of cognitive training- coordinated care for changes in thinking, behaviour, and emotions, as well as the application of biofeedback techniques for managing some conditions.

The Rehabilitation Institute of the Caribbean is a multi-disciplinary center where patients are treated using a team approach and our Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist work in collaboration with the Physiatrists (Rehabilitation Medical Doctors), Neurologist, Neurosurgeons, Speech and Language Therapist and other rehabilitation professionals where applicable, to create individualized therapy plans specific to the unique needs, abilities and objectives of patients.


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