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Aquatic Therapy Rehabilitation (Therapeutic Pool)

Our state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Institute is equipped with a HEATED private therapy pool where our patients benefit from one-on-one treatment from a therapist. Aquatic Therapy in warm water is well known to provide quicker and better outcomes in rehabilitation. Submersion in warm water facilitates relaxation, better circulation and mobility, by warming the muscles, joints, ligaments, bones and nerves thus giving patients better movement and improved outcomes with therapy. Water provides buoyancy of up to 90% of patient’s body weight, which off-loads the bones, joints and muscles or any injured body part, allowing for more pain-free therapy. Strength, mobility, endurance and speed increase in aquatic therapy without having the pain and discomfort that would normally be felt while exercising on land.

1. Submersion in Warm Water

Submersion in warm Water

2. ThermaPool Advantage™ Swimming Systems

ThermaPool Advantage™ Swimming Systems

We offer a wide range of exercise program in our ThermaPool Advantage™ Swimming Systems, which allows our patients to be more active during therapy.

3. Elastic Theraband™ Demonstration

Elastic Theraband™ Demonstration

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4. SwimMill™ Swimmer’s Treadmill Link

5. Underwater Stationary Bike Image

Underwater Stationary Bike

6. Underwater Treadmill Image

Underwater Treadmill which allows for walking and running in our warm therapy pool, which is well-documented to relieve joint and muscle stress.

Underwater Treadmill

Our Aquatic Rehabilitation program starts with the assessment of each patient’s specific deficits, needs and medical condition. Over time, patients will see improvement in their function and at the end of the rehabilitation program they are given a home exercise program to continue, which may be continued in water (pool, sea or a river) and they are given basic stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home.


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