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Will I get Osteoporosis?

You’re possibly reading this article from the comfort of your office desk, bed or couch. And if we’ve guessed right, you’ve probably been sitting for at least two hours. It’s a good time to stand up and walk around the room. Don’t worry about the peering eyes, let them look! You’re doing wonders for your bones when you move!

According to consulting Physiatrist, Dr. Paula Dawson, “maintaining weight-bearing activities such as walking, dancing and running” decreases your chances of developing Osteoporosis, a disease which reduces the density and quality of the bones resulting in thinning of the bones.

This disease is often described as a creeper because it’s almost impossible to feel your bones getting thin or weak. As a matter of fact, for most patients, their first sign of Osteoporosis is a broken bone.

Dr. Dawson notes that Osteoporosis is most common among Caucasian and Asian women over 50 years old who witness changes in their hormone level after menopause. These women possibly maintain a diet low in Calcium and Vitamin D and have considerably decreased weight-bearing activities from their schedule.

If you’re a woman who can identify with these patterns, it’s not too late to make changes to your lifestyle.


Engage in activities that force you to work against gravity like walking, jogging, running, dancing, squatting, weight-lifting, push-ups, crunches and avoid smoking

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Norell-Lee Morrison-Ramsay also suggests Tai Chi, a traditional Chinese martial art as a proven method to improve balance and coordination, preventing falls.

Weight-bearing exercises strengthen your bones especially in your back and hips.

And while you’re at it, try to maintain adequate intake of Calcium and Vitamin D in your diet to stimulate the formation of new bone cells.

Among the most common signs of Osteoporosis are:

  • Pain in your hip, back and neck
  • Decreased mobility
  • Changes in body posture such as crouching forward
  • Bone loss

So will you get Osteoporosis? You can reduce your chances by maintaining an active lifestyle!