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PUBLISHED: Dr. Paula Dawson Pioneering Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Jamaica and the Caribbean

For others, she is seemingly imbued with Florence nightingale type characteristics, that of a ministering angel, who finds a way for those who feel there is no hope to alleviate their pain or some physical disability. a case in point, a sixteen year old boy, who was confined to a wheelchair for more than a year due to a brain injury and was not able to walk. “i examined this little boy and i said there was no reason why
this boy should not be walking,” she recounts. nearly seven months later, after assembling a multi-disciplinary team (which is what a physiatrist does), including a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and psychiatrist and designing a treatment plan that is tailor made to maximize his independence and quality of life, he is able to walk with a roll walker. Welcome to the world of Dr Paula Dawson, who not only holds the distinction of being Jamaica’s only physiatrist but is also one of only two such persons in the English- speaking Caribbean.
“When i see persons debilitated by pain that are now free of it through my work that excites me,” she says proudly. Her work involves examining the musculoskeletal and neurological problems of patients and finding ways of treating them so they are able to maximize as much treatment as possible without surgery.

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